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Why I Adore Ani


It’s my first post in English and I’m a bit nervous 🙂


Surati-3289Her name is Ani. Actually Ann but she hates it. From the beginning it was a big trouble not to call her Ann instead of Ani. Then, time after time, I got used to and now I find a huge difference between these names.  I remember our first conflict rose because of this fact. Then I named her “Tevzi” which means “fish” in Georgian.  I think she looks like Nemo fish from “Finding Nemo”. I call her this nickname till now.

Ani and I are friends for 4 years from the university and still I discover more characteristics, more colors in her. The more I know her the more I love her. I quite often used to ask myself why I adore her. Technically she’s just a close friend like others, just an ordinary student with brown eyes, smiley face and long hair. As for temper, when Ani is on a bad mood she prefers not to talk to anybody. She becomes fierce when one tries to find out what happened, even I. Time passes and she is still full of good, “sunny” ideas like nothing happened. We argue and even fight almost every day but in several minutes we forget the offence.

After some time I realized what is the secret of this relationship. It’s me. I realized that I need somebody to not only to trust but to take care of as well. Indeed Ani is the only friend who I want to take care of and protect. This feeling   appears in every single moment of contact with her.  Sometimes it gets really hard for Ani to bear how I am looking after her. I try to make her laugh, go to the Movie House, walk or eat with her. The main aim for this is just to please her and don’t think about personal pleasure. On the contrary, while doing the same things with others, I try to get some “prize” for this.

The other reason why I adore Ani is that she really trusts me as I trust her. One day while walking in the street she closed her eyes and asked me to take her with hand in hand. She was enjoying walking with no sight and at the same time I was feeling happy to know that she trusted her “eyes”t to me. She’s one of the few people whom I can absolutely rely on and be sure that she won’t betray. I also adore her because of her childish character. Many girls of her age pretend to be childish minded and try to show off with nice but artificial childish manners. They try to show how sweetie and lovely they are. Ani is natural child by her mood. Although she’s 21 she maintains childish honesty and joy, the two things I mostly appreciate in people.

Once we were coming back from the attraction named “Bombora”, which is located on the mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi. While descending suddenly Ani noticed a tiny different-colored leaf in the yellow bush. She started to jump like a kid and clap to express her happiness. She picked it and kept until she decided to “plant” it between the stones of the pavement. While watching her happy face, while listening to her songs devoted to the tiny leaf, I guessed that I could adore her even without any reason.

I have an explanation of my feelings towards Ani but I suppose sometimes we might adore people without answering the question “Why?”.

P.S. This music is perfect for this post 😉

24 thoughts on “Why I Adore Ani

  1. hello! (THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENT IN English)happy the first post in English…very interesting!it’s great happiness when person have so friend.I remember the post about ,,BOMBORA”that was very friendly and warm.(ჩემი ინგლისურის ჭირიმე)

  2. შენ და ირინკას დაგეტყოთ უცებ ჯიპას სტუდენტობა 🙂

  3. SO SWEET!
    I didn’t have a chance to get to know with Ani at uni, but after reading your posts I really really like her.
    And Zurriuss, you are very good person too. I wish I knew you better!
    Best wishes from SUNNY 🙂

  4. thank you zurriuss for english post, because hell knows where my gerogian unicode is and I couldn’t write comment in georgian 😀

    I adore this post, it was so sweet and lovely : )

  5. ანი საყვარელი გოგოა 🙂 პოსტიც საყვარელი იყო. ფოტო მომეწონა კიდევ. ვისი გადაღებულია?
    პ.ს. ზურ გილოცავ სწავლის დაწყებას )))

  6. ანის ფოტოები ერთ ლიტერატურულ ფორუმზე მინახავს და ყოველთვის ულამაზეს გოგოდ ვთვლიდი:) ძალიან საყვარელია… როცა აქ წავიკითხე, რომ მეგობრები ხართ, რაღაცნაირად გამიხარდა 🙂 კარგი ფოტოა ესეც, ძალიან.

  7. ჰო, ჯიპას სტუდენტობას გილოცავ! 🙂 წარმატებები!

  8. გამოხმაურება: ანკეტა საკუთარი თავის უკეთ გაცნობაზედ « ZURRIUSS

  9. როგორ გული ამიჩუყა ამ პოსტმა

    აი ემ შურინგ (:როგორც იტყოდა ბატო:) ანი ლითლ ბით

    ტაკ დერჟატ! 🙂

  10. გამოხმაურება: სპონტანური სიღნაღი « ZURRIUSS

  11. გამოხმაურება: სპონტანური სიღნაღი » Zurriuss.Ge

  12. After reading your post I love people you describe… ♥

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